Friday, 14 August 2015


Like the pleasant evening winds,
He came and drove away,
But had a great effect on every tree,
Of a forest called India.

Like the sun which rose from east;
Very common, nothing new,
But shone the free India; as it sparkled, 
And no one could ever regret.

Like the drop of water from the clouds,
Changed to the shape of a poet,
Wrote miraculous and dumbstruck poems,
Divergent, dissimilar and disparate.

Like the tail of a small chameleon,
Again, twisted to a spiritual reformer,
Awed the world with his finest visions,
None able to compete them.

Like the beautiful earth,
None came better; but none came lesser,
He was Aurobindo Ghose,

Saturday, 25 July 2015


I was walking simply,

Passed through the beautiful parks,

Then reached the slum area,

And did not want to look at it...

A small boy came to me,

Black complexion and torn clothes,

"I have nothing with me" he cried,

Expecting me to do something...

I shooed him away,

Not because of different classes,

But to check out,

His present situation...

He returned home,

Without any expression of disgust,

Had a cute smile on his face,

Hugged his mother tight...

I rushed home,

Took my old teddy bear in hands,

Came back to him,

Saw him sitting alone near the rail tracks...

I went towards him,

Directly handed over him the doll,

A wide smile took birth on his face,

He could not stop expressing his feelings...

He took my arms and shook it,

"Thank you" he said,

Then ran away with the doll,

With the smile still being on his face...

This happiness was the one which he felt,

This happiness was the one which I felt,

Happiness is something we receive,

Only when we share it...

Saturday, 11 July 2015


I climbed the terrace,

With a small professional camera,

In order to click pictures,

To show off my photography skills...

I stood there for a minute,

Sensing the pleasant air,

It kissed my face and went away,

Whispering softly in my ears...

I rose my head above,

And looked at the sky,

It left me stunned,

That amazing view of the evening sky...

The background was blue,

But there was something in the middle,

Like Aurora - not pink or green,

But this was white...

It was nothing special,

Not very attractive,

But if you understand the beauty,

It will change your point of view...

It was beautiful,

Stunning and Amazing,

Just as it is,

Beauty: As it is...

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


All they need is a chance,

To prove themselves worthy,

Since women got the chance,

It changed the world and its history...

Not from today,

Or yesterday, or the day before,

It has been over three thousand years,

Since women got a chance to soar...

They have fought battles,

Also with men,

From the time of World War 2,

Until now in the military...

India, Africa, Egypt, Europe,

So many countries supporting the change,

Other countries yet to change their minds,

To modify, to redesign, to reshape...

Saturday, 4 July 2015


It is so boring,

To watch the same programs,

In that idiot box,

Popularly known as TELEVISION...

I returned to my room,

To do something else,

Interesting and fun,

Rather than that program...

As I entered,

My big and spacious room,

I noticed a pigeon,

Sitting near the window panes... 

I climbed my bed,

And tip - toed towards it,

Later I understood that there were two,

The other hiding beyond the curtains...

I looked at its big eyes,

As if it was staring at me,

And the other one's legs,

Dressed like raw meat...

"It is female", I guessed,

Looking at it's hefty body,

As if it was wrapped up,

By a huge warm coat...

The other one flew away,

And the remaining one opened it's eyes,

It stared me being there still,

As if it was not afraid of me...

It flew away,

I was disappointed,

But it went to it's nest,

Which was just a few meters away...

Friday, 3 July 2015


I have a friend,

Not one, I have many,

When all are authors and bloggers,

This is a poet...

I am bad in writing poems,

I always thought so,

But reading her poems,

Keeps me in an ecstatic mood...

She talks about her poem,

Whenever we meet,

But this never bored me,

And I don't think in the near future...

Having a poet friend, 

It is so interesting,

It will surely inspire you,

Like my poet friend did...

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


"How do I write a poem?",

A question irritating me from ages,

Never will leave my mind,

Even if my boss had increased my wages...

I sat on my bed,

Thinking how the format would be,

Shall I learn it from Tennyson or Bronte?,

But it does not matter to me...

When I stood at the balcony,

Sensing the warm air,

I thought to write a poem,

Nothing unfair... 

"From the mountains of Himalayas,

Till the seas of the south,

That breeze had returned,

And I felt it in my mouth..."

But there was something wrong,

Not the 'SOUTH',

But how could I,

Feel air in my mouth...

I wrote it again,

Tried to make a clear version,

Didn't understand the words,

Are they in my recognition...

"The breeze from the mountains,

Crashing the rocks' surface,

Coming up to me,

And I felt physical force on my face..."

"How do I write a poem?",

A very confusing tale of mine,

You read and gave reviews,

And I am in cloud nine...